Cloud of Spores is an Ability of Miko in Battleborn.

Cloud of Spores



Skill 2

Cloud_of_Spores.pngCloud of Spores Information

  • Throw a spore sack that explodes on contact, dealing 139-187 damage and leaving behind a cloud of spores that slows all enemies that enter it for the next 4 seconds.

Helix Modifications

Breathe Deep
Intensifies the slowing effect of Cloud of Spores. +100% Slower.

Trail of Spores
Cloud of Spores drops spores along the way to a target, covering a larger area.

If Cloud of Spores hits an enemy directly, that enemy is stunned rather than slowing all enemies in the blast radius.

Spore Strike
Increases Cloud of Spores' impact damage. +15% Damage.

Spore Storm
Enlarges Cloud of Spores' area of effect.

Resilient Strain
Cloud of Spores lingers longer after bursting. +6 Seconds Duration.

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