Hailstorm is an Ability of Montana in Battleborn.




Skill 2

Hailstorm.pngHailstorm Information

  • Loads a specialized ammunition that slows enemies hit and uses less heat per shot. Also adds armor that reduces damage taken.

Helix Modifications

Weather Man
Increases Minigun accuracy while Hailstorm is active. +30% Accuracy.

The Cooler
Minigun heat decreases with each shot fired while Hailstorm is active.

Your bullets burn enemies, adding bonus damage over time. Increases Minigun heat accumulation per shot fired when Hailstorm is active. +24 Damage Per Second.

Lumberjack Dash deals extra damage to enemies while Hailstorm is active. +25% Damage.

Ice Age
Increases Hailstorm's skill duration. +2 Seconds Duration.

Perfect Storm
Increases weapon damage while Hailstorm is active. +14% Damage.

Bullet Buff
Intensifies Hailstorm's slowing effect, further reducing enemy movement speed. If Firestorm augment is active, its damage over time effects are lengthened.

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