Mellka is a Hero in Battleborn. She is unlocked at Command Rank 34 or by completing the Story Mission The Heliophage.


eldrid-icon.pngThe Eldrid



Mellka Information

Born as a refugee, Mellka was raised and trained among an aggressive Eldrid commando group known as the Vigilant. Proficient at several combat styles, but prefers exotic weaponry such as her biologically-active Eldrid gauntlet, now permanently fused with her left hand.

Mellka Abilities



Enemies afflicted with Venom suffer increased damage from Mellka's melee attacks and Claw Lunge.

custom_machine_pistol.pngCustom Machine Pistol


Mellka's machine pistol envenomates targets on hit. Reloading launches a venom canister that explodes on impact. Exhaust the clip to deal more damage.

eldrid_operatives_garb.pngEldrid Operative's Garb


Trained in the elite Eldrid unit known as the Vigilant, Mellka is a versatile and nimble assassin, utilizing her weapons in concert to control the tide of battle.

claw_lunge.pngClaw Lunge

Skill 1

Lunges forward a short distance for a powerful claw strike dealing 187 damage. Can lock onto nearby targets.


Skill 2

Charges a burst of energy that deals 280 damage to nearby enemies, and launches Mellka into the air.

blade_launcher.pngBlade Launcher


Launches a player-guided missile that deals 750 damage. Reactivating the skill in-flight triggers early detonation.

Mellka Helix

Hobbling Strike
Enemies hit by Claw Lunge are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow.
Hobbling Spike
Enemies hit by Spike are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow.
Parting Gift
Spike leaves behind an area of effect that envenomates nearby enemies and deals damage-over-time. +28 Damage Per Second.
Lift Off!
Increases Mellka's Spike height.
Air Stall
Mellka's off-hand melee attack propels her backwards. Can be used once every 3 seconds.
Frag Canister
Reloading the Machine Pistol fires a venom canister that fragments into smaller projectiles shortly after launch.
Blade Ejection
Claw Lunge launches a blade at the end of the lunge, dealing additional damage. +70 Damage.
Tactical Withdrawal
If Mellka hits a target with Claw Lunge, she will bounce backwards.
Adrenaline Rush
Meleeing enemies afflicted with venom increases Mellka’s health regeneration rate for a short time. +7 Health Regeneration for 4 Seconds.
Combat Rhythm
Killing an enemy afflicted with venom grants a stack of increased health (to a maximum of 10 stacks). Health stacks are reset upon death. +30 Maximum Health Per Stack.
Spike Burst
Increases Spike’s area-of-effect radius. If the Parting Gift augment is active, its area-of-effect radius is also increased.
Desperate Lunge
Increases Claw Lunge dash distance. +50% Dash Distance.
Power Spike
Mellka switches to a more deadly form of venom that increases her Spike damage. (Also increases Spike Trap Damage) +140 Damage.
Second Wind
The cooldown for Spike is lowered by up to 40% based on Mellka's remaining health. Up to -40% Cooldown Time.
Refined Canisters
Increases Machine Pistol magazine size. +10 Clip Size.
Air Stall
When a new target is envenomated, Mellka's movement speed is increased for a short time. +30% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds.
Feral Strike
Activating Claw Lunge increases Mellka’s melee attack speed for a short time. +20% Melee Attack Speed for 8 Seconds.
Finishing Blow
Claw Lunge deals increased damage. +30 Damage.
Blade Storm
Blade Launcher blades bounce off of the environment and home in on envenomated enemies instead of exploding on impact.
All Or Nothing
Blade Launcher fires a single, powerful shot, dealing heavy damage to one target. +700 Damage.

Mellka Gameplay


Mellka Tactics and Strategies

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