Rotating Wards is an Ability of ISIC in Battleborn.

Rotating Wards



Skill 1

Rotating Wards.pngRotating Wards Information

  • Raise 5 protective wards that orbit ISIC for 8 seconds, each blocking up to 315 damage from enemy fire. Overcharged: Each ward blocks up to 365 damage.

Helix Modifications

Watchful Wards!
While Rotating Wards is active, each ward reduces ISIC's shield charge delay. Up to -2.5s Shield Recharge Delay.

You Dropped These!
When Overcharged, Rotating Wards reflect enemy fire.

This Might Sting!
Concentrates Rotating Wards into charges that damage enemies on contact instead of blocking inbound damage. 158 Damage per Charge (Overcharged: 183 Damage).

Burlier Wards!
Increases Rotating Wards block strength. +225 Ward Strength.

Hard-Workin' Wards!
Increases the maximum lifetime of Rotating Wards. +6s Ward Duration.

Waste Not, Want Not!
When Rotating Wards expires, the skill's cooldown is reduced slightly for each ward still active. Up to -50% Cooldown Time.

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