Shadowfire Pillar is an Ability of Orendi in Battleborn.

Shadowfire Pillar



Skill 2

Shadowfire_Pillar.pngShadowfire Pillar Information

  • After 1.5 seconds, Orendi summons a mighty pillar of shadow and flame at a target location, dealing 208-280 damage.

Helix Modifications

Burned and Busted
Shadowfire Pillar reveals all stealthed enemies in the area.

Preamble of Pain
Shadowfire Pillar deals damage over time to nearby enemies before detonation. +90 Damage over 1.5 seconds.

Power Pillar
For 5 seconds after using Shadowfire Pillar, Orendi may cast a second Shadowfire Pillar dealing half as much damage.

Increases Shadowfire Pillar's base damage. +15% Damage.

Shadowfire Storm
Decreases Shadowfire Pillar's cooldown time. 20% Cooldown Reduction.

Still Hating Your Shields
Shadowfire Pillar penetrates enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration.

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