Spike is an Ability of Mellka in Battleborn.





Spike.pngSpike Information

  • Mellka's kunai poisons enemies on impact, dealing 50-68 damage over 2 seconds.

Helix Modifications

Hobbling Spike
Enemies hit by Spike are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow.

Parting Gift
Spike leaves behind an area of effect that envenomates nearby enemies and deals damage-over-time. +28 Damage Per Second.

Lift Off!
Increases Mellka's Spike height.

Spike Burst
Increases Spike's area-of-effect radius. If the Parting Gift augment is active, its area-of-effect radius is also increased.

Power Spike
Mellka switches to a more deadly form of venom that increases her Spike damage. (Also increases Spike Trap Damage) +140 Damage.

Second Wind
The cooldown for Spike is lowered by up to 40% based on Mellka's remaining health. Up to -40% Cooldown Time.

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