Sunspot is an Ability of Ambra in Battleborn.




Skill 1

Sunspot.pngSunspot Information

  • Summon a Sunspot that does 56 damage a second to nearby enemies at the cost of its own health, exploding if touched. 750 health. Up to 2 active at once.

Helix Modifications

Enemies linked to a Sunspot take increased damage from other sources. This effect stacks across Sunspots. +10% Damage.

Blessing of the Sun
Sunspots transfer their health to nearby allies, healing friendly Battleborn over time. +47 Health Per Second.

Solar Burst
Sunspots explode with a damaging area of effect when triggered by nearby enemies.

Agile Anomaly
Sunspots can link to stealthed characters and have increased range. +50% Distance and Reveal Stealth

Bask in the Light
Enemies are slowed when they break form a Sunspot's beam. +3 Second Slow.

Fan the Flames
Increases the health of Ambra's Sunspots. +50% Sunspot Health.

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