Temporal Distortion is an Ability of Marquis in Battleborn.

Temporal Distortion



Skill 1

Temporal_Distortion.pngTemporal Distortion Information

  • Alter the flow of time in a targeted area for 6 seconds, slowing all enemies who are inside of the time warp.

Helix Modifications

Waste Makes Haste
In addition to slowing enemies, Temporal Distortion now hastens allies. +30% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.

Time Killer
All enemies inside a Temporal Distortion bubble take damage over time. +28 Damage Per Second.

Big Time
Enlarges Temporal Distortion's area of effect. +25% Bubble Size.

Distant Time
Increases Temporal Distortion casting range. +30% Cast Distance.

Time to Spare
Increases the duration of Temporal Distortion's warp bubble. +2s Duration.

Cease and Desist
Intensifies the slowing effect of Temporal Distortion, further reducing enemy movement speed. +30% Slow.

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