Meltdown Strategies in Battelborn.

Meltdown Strategies

A couple keys to owning a Meltdown map, according to the Gearbox team:

  • Owning the supply buildable underneath the bridge in the center of the map is key to controlling the match
  • Maintain the logistics buildables at the choke points on your team’s end of each lane. They can make the difference between an organized retreat and a team wipe.
  • The large shard clusters spawn every 2 minutes. Make sure you own those areas so you can control the map via buildables
  • Just because the enemy team beat you to the half way mark doesn’t mean the match is a lost cause. Their chomper locations will move further back, making it much harder for them to score and easier for your team to catch up.
  • Minion wave’s spawn once per minute. Keep track of the match timer and it will give you an edge on hitting the other team’s minions before they can respond.