Story Missions in Battleborn. This is a list of story missions that can be played co-op or single player. Each mission will be about 30-45 minutes and is scored. The better you perform the higher your rating on a particular mission which leads to unlocks in the main game. You have a specific amount of lives you can use in a particular mission. Once these are exhausted the mission is failed. Both your lives and mission score can be seen at the very top of the screen.

Your score for a particular mission is increased by killing enemies, picking up score items from crates and chests.

You can also earn credits in missions which you can use to purchase Gear outside of missions.

Story Missions


Description: Your battle begins here!

The Algorithm

Description: Help the Peacekeepers with icy moons, crazy robots, and universe-bending math!
Requires: 1 team with 1-5 Players.

The Void's Edge

Description: Stop a Varelsi incursion by plugging up a portal anomaly on Bliss! Extra Wolf Sentry included!
Requires: ??

The Renegade

Description: Recruit a legendary warrior by helping him get a much-needed recharge!
Requires: ??

The Archive

Description: Tree-hugging fun for lovers of literacy in the burning jungles of Ekkunar!
Requires: ??

The Sentinel

Description: What universe would be complete without at least two super-weapons? Stop this one on Ekkunar before BAD THINGS HAPPEN.
Requires: ??

The Experiment

Description: Who says dwarves aren't smart? Help Boldur research "all the things" at Amenine Observatory on Ekkunar.
Requires: ??

The Saboteur

Description: Team up with a special away-team guest on Tempestas you help Rendain further refine his tastes.
Requires: ??

The Heliophage

Description: Fight for the Universe as you confront Rendain on Tempest.
Requires: ??

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