Blade Rush is an Ability of Phoebe in Battleborn.

Blade Rush



Skill 2

Blade_Rush.pngBlade Rush Information

  • Phoebe launches a barrage of four charged rapiers, each dealing 52-70 damage.

Helix Modifications

Enemies hit by Blade Rush will be stunned by the last strike of Phoebe's primary melee combo. +2 Seconds Stun Duration.

Unintended Innovation
Blade Rush blades explode on contact, damaging nearby enemies. +12% Bonus Damage.

When Blade Rush hits an enemy, the skill's cooldown is reduced. Increased effect on enemy Battleborn. Battleborn: 1.5 Seconds Per Hit, Minions: 1 Seconds Per Hit.

Disruptor Blades
A portion of Blade Rush's damage bypasses enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration.

The Conduit
Adds a portion of Phoebe's current shield strength to Blade Rush as bonus damage. +12% Current Shield as Damage.

Refined Technique
Increases damage of Blade Rush's rapiers the further they travel. +30% Damage Increase.

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