Hawkeye is an Ability of Benedict in Battleborn.




Skill 1

Hawkeye.pngHawkeye Information

  • Fires a rocket that deals 187 damage and targets your enemy for 3 seconds. Subsequent rockets home in on targeted enemies.

Helix Modifications

Persistent Projectiles
Hawkeye's target effect lasts longer. +1 Second Homing Duration

Rapid Reload
Activating Hawkeye instantly reloads Benedict's Rocket Launcher.

A Murder of Rockets
Hawkeye now launches three rockets in rapid succession. +2 Rockets.

Heavy Bombardment
Homing Rockets deal increased damage to enemies. +20% Damage.

Less Talk, More Hawk
Reduces Hawkeye's cooldown. -25% Cooldown Time.

Party Starter
Increases Hawkeye rocket damage. +15% Damage.

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